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Does a master's degree make you any more employable?

As the possibility of unemployment looms for many, more than 500,000 each year choose to pursue further study in the form of a postgraduate taught programme such as a master's. The motivation behind this decision is often related to belief that a higher-level qualification will result in a better job. But does the CV addition of an MA, MBA or MSc actually improve employment prospects?

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How We Met: Paul Zerdin & Warwick Davis

My first impression of Paul was that he was a bit above himself. I was directing my first pantomime, a production of Snow White in Dartford in 1997, and he had the role as the comic story teller. Paul wouldn't turn up for rehearsals, as he was too busy doing gigs, so we got off to a bad start. But when he did come in, he made up for it by picking things up very quickly and giving his all to the performance.