iPhone 4 sets record sale pace despite gaffe

Sales of Apple Inc's latest iPhone blew away expectations in its first day on the market despite shortages and an embarrassing online ordering glitch that thwarted many shoppers.

Apple on cusp of new iPhone launch

Apple is widely expected to unveil its latest iPhone today, as the company aims to stay a step ahead of rivals in an increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Basketball: Bullets over the court

The revelation that one of the NBA's star players brought guns into his team's changing room has exposed the uncomfortable links between the sport and gang culture

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iPhone rival Droid set for US launch

Verizon Wireless will start selling its answer to the iPhone - the Droid - for $200 (£121) in the US next week as the company taps into the growing appetite for smart phones that go far beyond making calls.

4G chip promises eight-times faster mobile downloads

LG Electronics claimed a step forward in the commercialisation of the next generation of internet capable handsets, demonstrating a modem chip with a download speed eight times that of the fastest mobile phones currently on the market.