Vladimir Putin

Trump's relationship with Russia would be dangerous

America, with varying levels of success but consistent bravery, resisted Russian domination of Eastern Europe and it is unthinkable that Washington would now stand idly by while Putin re-establishes Stalin’s empire

You're not that liberal if you're cheering about RT's frozen accounts

RT lends a tremendous amount of coverage to marginalised issues in the West. In the US, it covered the country's largest prison strike in history when others ignored it. In Britain, they led the charge in reporting that austerity could violate disabled people’s human rights and our government’s complicity in enabling the Saudi-led bombings in Yemen

We are facing the possibility of a second Cold War

Every conflict during the Cold War was fought by armies or insurgents working on behalf of the Americans, Russians, or, occasionally the Chinese: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Angola and the list goes on. These countries would use proxies again, but with a higher death count, in the 21st century

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