Charities quit UN climate talks over lack of action

More than 800 activists from NGOs such as Greenpeace and Oxfam as well as trade unions and social movements have staged a mass walkout of the UN climate talks in Warsaw in protest of the lack of action at the conference.

Pictures of the day: Coming soon to a screen near you - the new

If you go to the cinema this weekend and see a race-against-time tale about saving a lush natural paradise from the rapacious greed of an oil-drilling company, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled into an advance showing of the Avatar sequel.

Hope for giant ibis as new nest is found in Cambodia

There are believed to be only 345 giant ibis remaining in the wild, but there is hope for conservationists after a nest of the endangered species was discovered in a hitherto unknown habitat in north-eastern Cambodia.

Strawberry farms suck Spain dry

Decades of legal and illegal agricultural exploitation have brought western Europe's most important wetland to crisis point

A sustainable way of learning: Exeter has set up an MBA with the World

When Simon Ramsay and Professor Jonathan Gosling of the University of Exeter Business School talk of an MBA these days, they intend it to stand for Masters of Business and Action. Which may sound like Mattel's latest addition to the Barbie and Ken range, but, in fact, Ramsay explains, it is what they hope students who take their new One Planet MBA (in this case Master in Business) will become.

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The Diary: Turner Prize; WWF's panda boxes; Tracey Emin; Birmingham

Ricki Lake, the American television star, who was taking a look at the offerings at the Turner Prize private view this week, admitted to being an avid fan of contemporary art and a collector of works by Andy Warhol, Idris Khan, Nigel Cooke and unsurprisingly, the film-maker and artist, John Waters, who directed her in the cult film, "Hairspray", the comedy in which she starred opposite Divine and Debbie Harry. And if Nicholas Serota is at a loss as to who to ask to present the Turner prize this year, Lake said she'd "love to" to step into the breach. She would certainly be following a trend set by a spate of celebrity Turner Prize presenters including Madonna and Dennis Hopper.