Time Run and real-life Crystal Maze offer fans escapism

In the 1990s, 'The Crystal Maze' was popular with millions of people – from the comfort of their own homes. Now, hardcore fans can attempt the show's tests, and similar challenges, in person. Genevieve Roberts steps up

Stop sticking cotton buds in your ears!

Their makers have printed the caution on every packet for more than 40 years - but their biggest use is still the exact one we're warned against. Roberto A Ferdman looks into things best left alone

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Q&A: US shutdown - all you need to know about the crisis in America

Not all government functions will simply evaporate — Social Security cheques will still get mailed, and hospitals will stay open. But many federal agencies will send their employees home, from the Environmental Protection Agency to hundreds of national parks. Here’s a look at how a shutdown will work.