Bachmann presidential bid hits the buffers with John Wayne 'killer'

After an irresistible rise, Michele Bachmann appears to be experiencing a collision with political reality after the opening 48 hours of her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination were overshadowed by a minor gaffe, a potentially major scandal and a small, but worrisome, dip in her popularity.

The eccentric architecture of death

The restoration of Sir Richard Burton’s tomb may be a relatively small event – but it’s a very important one, says Jay Merrick

Picture of the Day: Once again, Napoleon meets his Waterloo

Rifles cracked, artillery thundered and the cavalry charged. Having sent in the Imperial Guard, Napoleon Bonaparte beats a hasty retreat under an onslaught of enemy forces. In a rainswept field in Belgium yesterday, tens of thousands of spectators gathered to watch a recreation of Napoleon's final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. Around 3,000 historical military enthusiasts from across Europe, armed with heavy guns and supported by 150 cavalry, were willing participants in the reconstruction of five scenes from the battle, which took place 195 years earlier on 18 June 1815.

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King's College set to expand into Somerset House

King's College London is celebrating a triumph of sorts. After 180 years of coveting the East wing of Somerset House, and after many false dawns, it has finally got its hands on it. The men from the Inland Revenue who occupied the lovely neo-classical building have left, and the college is to expand, acquiring an architectural gem and more space.

Can You Afford It?: Apartment, Waterloo Quay, Liverpool

The following quotes from Yorkshire Building Society (0845 1 200 100) are for a 25-year fixed-term mortgage requiring a minimum deposit of 25 per cent, or £42,499, leaving a balance of £127,496. Both options carry a mortgage fee of £90 and a £290 valuation fee. Lending is based on borrowing four times your single or joint income – at least £31,874 – but the exact amount would depend on circumstances. If you elect to only pay the interest each month, a suitable repayment vehicle would need to be in place.