Westminster Abbey

Diary: Ukip's Tory defectors could be thorn in the side for PM

The UK Independence Party has more reason than any other to complain about the British election system: despite winning 900,000 votes at the last general election it has no MPs. In the European Parliament, which is elected by proportional representation, the party has a dozen MEPs.

What the...? Dickens to get unwanted statue

The design has been chosen for the United Kingdom's first-ever statue of its greatest novelist, Charles Dickens, in spite of his request, made at his funeral, that there should be no monuments in his honour.

The Royal Wedding: Trees, tiaras and trestle tables

'The Independent' has a proud tradition of covering royal matters less slavishly than its rivals. We have loosened up a bit since our early days, when the 1988 birth of the Duke and Duchess of York's first child was marked with a single grudging sentence in the News In Brief column.

Why autism is different for girls

We may think it only affects boys. But the female variant is often much harder to spot – and that means thousands of girls may be going undiagnosed. Jeremy Laurance reports

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Anvil: the real-life Spinal Tap

Anvil are the Canadian rockers now taking cinemas by storm. The film's director Sacha Gervasi recalls their unforgettable first meeting

Poppies and prayers for veterans of Second World War

The closing ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of VE and VJ Days took place on a day of bright sunshine, but amid a sombre and reflective mood. At a service in Westminster Abbey, Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said: "Today of all days, we need no reminder that the spirit of murder and humiliation is still abroad ..."