Zac Goldsmith

Backstage passes his test for National theatre

Though the Irish may be only occasional heroes with the bat and ball, what they are good at is saddle and silks – particularly at Aintree. They also turn a fair hand to pen and paper and yesterday in rural Co Westmeath the last two alliterative pairs came together.

Diary: Harvey seeks a little charity

Heavyweight concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith has already had one good reason to be displeased by the BBC this year. He and Bob Geldof got a formal apology from the Corporation, after a World Service programme suggested the cash raised for Africa by Band Aid had helped to fund weapons rather than charity.

The Comedy of Errors, Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London

"Ephesus welcomes you" blares the huge poster on the stage in Regent's Park, suggesting we are tourists on a summer outing, not a bad way of defining the merry mayhem in Shakespeare's farcical comedy of mistaken identity in a town full of cozenage and odd behaviour.

Goldsmith changed mind on war legality

Former attorney general Lord Goldsmith today described how he gave the "green light" for military action against Iraq just a month after expressing concerns about the legality of the war.

Zac Goldsmith: You Ask The Questions

The Conservative and environmentalist answers your questions, such as 'How would you help the unemployed?' and 'What is your biggest poker loss?'

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