Cameron's Letterman Fail: Could you do better?

As David Cameron failed David Letterman's history test on Wednesday night, we put readers to the test.

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“Do you mind if I ask you a lot of dumb American questions,” Mr Letterman began, as he interviewed our Prime Minister this week on The Late Show with David Letterman.

After asking the PM who composed Rule Britannia and further testing his knowledge with the question “What’s the deal with Wales?”, he then moved on to the whereabouts of the Magna Carta.

Although he knew the year it was signed (1215), Cameron was stumped as to its location and answered “It does exist”. Pat on the back CamMan.

Despite having an O-Level in Latin, David Cameron also struggled with the translation.

(So you know: Rule Britannia = Thomas Arne, Magna Carta = “Big Charter”)

Take our quickfire quiz of notable Latin phrases and their English translations to see if you could do better...

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