This week's wackiest web stories: Batmobile for sale plus was Churchill the first hipster?

Mohamed Morsi on Planet of the Apes and a follow up story on the regrettable Romney face tattoo

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Original Batmobile for sale

Cop a load of Christmas

Let this viral picture of an NYPD Cop Giving a homeless man winter boots restore your faith in Humanity.

A shred of evidence

Police are investigating how shredded documents revealing confidential information, including details about Mitt Romney's motorcade, wound up as confetti on a Manhattan

Was Churchill the first hipster?

OMG! First Use of Abbreviation Found in a 1917 Letter to Winston Churchill.

Right and wrong

German lawmakers plan to introduce a new statute that will make sexual acts with animals illegal, a move that has brought a surprising amount of criticism by “zoophilia” advocates.  Under the new law, those found guilty of sexual acts with animals can be fined up to $32,000.


UK government's official job site advertises fake 007 position.

Who said science wasn't fun?

What Booze looks like under a microscope.

Nobody's perfect

Belgian husband leaves wife of 19 years after discovering she was a man.

Connecting people

As the old saying goes, getting married is one of the most important days of your life. Walking down the aisle or waiting at the altar is meant to be a time to connect with family and friends to share the joy. Or take instagram pics. Whatevs.

No pain, no fame

Scalding Liquids and Scorpion Stings: Japanese Comedy Is Great TV

Mohamed Morsi on Planet of the Apes

Mohamed Morsi, the engineer and Muslim Brotherhood ally who became Egypt’s first-ever democratically elected president this year and who last week sent his country’s political system into chaos by granting himself sweeping new powers, appears to hold strong views on the 1968 sci fi classic.

Snoog Doggy Celtic

Rapper Snoop Dogg aims to buy shares in Celtic and he wants pal Becks to wear the Hoops

Let there be light

Gimme shelter and light therapy at Swedish bus stops.

Follow up: Romney regrets

Romney face tattoo to be removed. Shame.