This week's wackiest web stories: Beer that's cheaper than water

Plus: Totally bus-ted, star-gazing bugs, Taiwan's new Barbie restaurant and if you Wannabe evicted (you better get with my friends)

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Un-beer-lievable bargains

Should beer be cheaper than water?

I need a dollar

What would you spend your last £138 on? Unfortunately, that's problem Zimbabwe's finance minister is facing.

Totally Bus-ted

Naples residents were left stranded at bus stops across Italy's third biggest city on Wednesday as the public transport operator, hit by government spending cuts, ran out of fuel.

The Pigeon Mystery

The mystery of the "Bermuda Triangle" of the homing pigeon world may have been solved.


Hilary: the most poisoned baby name in US history

Better be ready

New research suggests a person’s first sexual experience can set the tone for the rest of one’s sexual life.

Stars-gazing bugs

A species of South African dung beetle has been shown to use the Milky Way to navigate, making it the only known animal that turns to the galactic spray of stars across the night sky for direction.

Fake footage

A Plymouth motorist faked CCTV footage of his vehicle to evade a speeding conviction.


In his photographic self-portrait series “Struggle To Right Oneself,” artist Kerry Skarbakka captures himself in moments of suspended peril: falling from trees, tumbling head over heels in painfully precarious falls, slipping nude in the shower, or teetering on the edge of a fateful leap from a railway bridge.


The Seattle Police Department weapons buyback haul included one very disconcerting find: an inert surface to air missile launch tube.

Dumb luck

Sometimes good old-fashioned stupidity can raise the efficiency of an organisation, claims Professor Mats Alvesson.

Plastic fantastic

Taiwan's new Barbie restaurant.

Cash for stamps

Johnny Cash to grace new postage stamps.

Writer's block

How brain science can make you a better writer.

If you wannabe evicted

A Spice Girls fan was kicked out of his home for playing hit song Viva Forever. A lot.