Katy Guest: Rant & Rave (29/04/12)

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We've already heard the stories of the hotshot trainees who sleep in their offices to prove their unswerving dedication to the job; now, nursery staff are being told to sleep at work so as not to risk being late in during the Olympics. Traffic in London will be un-navigable, goes the thinking, and we can't have employees unable to drop off their children and get to work. So the carers will just have to sleep on site. Many people with nightmare London commutes will confirm that kipping under a desk often seems preferably to the Sisyphean nightmare of the last-train-home, sleep, first-train-to-work lifestyle. But surely there is something badly wrong with a city in which those who still have jobs can't even get home after a long day's work?


Women "find their sense of style" at the age of 35, according to the latest research by the "premium clothes brand" CC. This is probably bad news for those of us who recently turned 36 without having found any sense of style at all, but it does go to show, once again, how far ahead Beyoncé is of most ordinary women. The singer, who is 30, has revealed that now she is a mother, she has stopped torturing herself in high heels, started cutting her own hair, and feels a lot happier and more comfortable as a result. Oh, and her husband Jay-Z loves it, and she has just been voted People magazine's most beautiful woman in the world. Of course, it helps that Beyoncé happens to be beautiful whatever she wears or does to her hair, but any celebrity who counters the common hypothesis that one must spend lots of money on things that hurt in order to be considered popular and pretty is, well, pretty stylish as far as we're concerned.