Talbot Church: The church's concerns over a white dress

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Amidst the clamour of catwalk speculation about what Kate Middleton will wear on 29 April, one voice alone is being seriously heeded by the Royal Family. It is not a primped, blow-dried fashion expert who will have the last word on the royal wedding dress, but none other than the Archbishop of Canterbury.

There has been increasing concern at Lambeth Palace about plans for the royal bride to wear white on her big day. While there is no doubting Kate's purity of spirit, the fact that she has been William's live-in girlfriend poses "considerable difficulties", say ecclesiastical insiders. Liberal in most matters, the Archbishop believes it would be "morally problematic" under these circumstances for a future head of the Church of England to take a bride who is wearing a dress symbolising virginity.

The Middletons are still arguing for a traditional wedding dress, but Prince Charles is sympathetic to the Archbishop's case. A compromise involving peach or – a nice environmental touch – light green is being discussed.

* News from America that Piers Morgan is trying to row himself into media plans for the wedding have caused anger in royal circles.

The former tabloid editor has never been forgiven for publishing letters between Princess Diana and Captain James Hewitt, and his recent claims to be an old family friend of the Middletons have not helped his case. A source close to the family reveals that he met Carole Middleton once briefly at a fund-raising event.

The suggestion that "Mr Showbiz" will interview the royal couple before the wedding has been laughed off. There will indeed be a TV appearance, but the shortlist of potential interviewers – Stephen Fry, Jonathan Dimbleby and (Kate's personal choice) Lorraine Kelly – does not include Morgan.

* Meanwhile, away from the spotlight, Prince Harry has been planning his big brother's stag night. "It's going to be quite a bash," a close friend of the Princes has told me.

One carefully kept secret has been who will compere the stag-night cabaret. I am told that Jim "Nick Nick" Davidson, an ardent monarchist and a favourite of Prince William's, has been approached. The controversial comic is said to be "thrilled and deeply honoured" by the invitation.