Editorial: Welcome back, Andrew Marr –and take it easy

His recovery offers hope that those who suffer serious strokes can make an excellent recovery

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It was good to see Andrew Marr back on the screen yesterday, albeit in the unaccustomed position of interviewee rather than presenter, and admirable that he was prepared to appear, although not yet fully recovered. That takes guts. He was realistic enough to admit that the effects of his stroke could have been considerably worse and that it will still be a long haul to full fitness.

But his return is doubly welcome for the warning and the hope that it offers. The warning is that over-exertion, whether in the gym or in life itself, carries risks, even for those who are ostensibly healthy and in the prime of life. The hope is that, thanks to modern medicine, it is possible for someone who suffers a serious stroke to make an excellent recovery. We wish him well with the physiotherapy, while reminding him of the rowing machine and his own advice not to overdo it.