Leading article: Transatlantic confrontation

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Like many an ambitious Briton, Jeremy Kyle is going to have a crack at America. The ITV daytime host and his production company will attempt to take his brand of "confrontation television" across the Atlantic.

The problem is that this is the land which produced The Jerry Springer Show, which put on episodes with titles such as "I Stole My 12-year-old's Boyfriend!", "I Want to Join a Suicide Cult!", "I cut off my manhood" and "I'm a Breeder for the Ku Klux Klan".

Mr Kyle's output, by contrast, has included shows such as "Is my marriage over?", "Terror on the Estate", "You can be fat and happy" and "Wife ... Please take me back". Isn't this rather like shipping Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks across the Atlantic and expecting American wrestling fans to switch over from Hulk Hogan and The Rock?

Good luck Stateside, Jeremy. We suspect you are going to need it.