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Best Twitter gags as George Osborne joins the site

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has chosen today, Budget day, to join the international Twitter community, becoming @George_Osborne. He tweeted his first around 8.40 this morning, and sadly it wasn't a LOL cat link.

@George_Osborne: "Today I'll present a Budget that tackles the economy's problems head on helping those who want to work hard & get on pic.twitter.com/20nyTj0UCF"

The excitement on the social media site was immediately palpable (but not always polite):

@Pheebs_13: Best hashtag ever regarding George Osbourne #briefcasewanker

@davidschneider: George_Osborne to cut tweets to 135 characters by 2015 except for people with +200K followers. We don't want to drive them abroad budget

@‏StephenMangan: The outpouring of love towards the new-to-twitter george_osborne is bringing a tear to my eye. Reminds me of this http://youtu.be/qqM0Ube0oLs

@‏Herring1967: Oh my God George_Osborne is on Twitter! Another slid decision from him that I can't see even possibly going wrong.

@johnprescott: George_Osborne One personal plea. Please don't introduce a tax on tweets. It'll ruin me twitterbudget

@The_Dolphin_Pub: George Osborne should have "I like to budget, budget. I like to... BUDGET!" as his walk-on music. Then people would like him.


@tom_watson: George_Osborne You're posing for a twitpic? Here's my one piece of advice: sack Shapps. (Google twitpic, you'll thank me later)

@GuidoFawkes: Unemployment up by 7,000. Happy budget day george_osborne.

@datacurator: George_Osborne's avatar lol *concerned for the country face*

@PatrickStrud: The only growth we're going to see from George_Osborne today is his follower numbers.

@OwenJones84: Having had his appetite for interaction with the public whetted at the Paralympics, George_Osborne has joined Twitter

@Joey7Barton: Gonna follow george_osborne to see if he actually tweets. If it turns out to be one of his servants, he'll be getting unfollowed sharpish!

@harrynwilson: One tweet and nearly 4,000 followers - that's the type of multiplier effect George_Osborne has been dreaming about for the last three years

@AdamBienkov: George_Osborne's arrival on Twitter not entirely welcomed by users so far: pic.twitter.com/tjHlCavxDg

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