Breast or elbow? Facebook censors ‘pornographic’ photo


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We're always being told that Facebook knows everything there is to know about us, so the social network's latest gaffe may come as something of a surprise. Apparently, the whizzes over at Facebook towers can't tell an arse (or in this case, breast) from an elbow. Moderators removed the above picture on grounds of obscenity, mistaking a nude pair of elbows for exposed breasts.

The Facebook page "Theories of the deep understanding of things" posted the picture to test the site's terms of service, which prohibit the posting of "pornographic" images.

It was taken down shortly afterwards, leading 'Theories' to comment: “FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast".

Once Facebook realised their mistake they restored the image and apologised to the poster, a spokesman told Gawker.

But you've got to admit, if ever an elbow looked like a nipple, it's here.