Budget 2013: Twitter reacts to Osborne's statement


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@amolrajan: Heavy early emphasis on jobs from Osborne. Knows it's his strongest card. OBR revises employment upward

@claire4devises: Budget down by a third and 1.25 m jobs created since the election. Real progress- no cheers from Labour ! <~ fantastic


@johnrentoul: This "penny off a pint" partly explains why Cameron ditched minimum alcohol pricing: Govt wants to be seen on side of low-income drinkers

@sophyRidgeSky: Beer duty cut but not wine... a sign George Osborne doesn't have enough women in his inner circle?


@jonsnowC4: £3bn infrastructure spending (a tiny sum) will not come into force until 2015/16: meanwhile no stimulus at all...

@liles93: Interesting developments in the budget... Money out of public sector and into Infrastructure


@CharRavenscroft: Chancellor cancels fuel duty increase - will benefit community transport and rural charities with high transport costs

Help to Buy

@stefanohat: This is good: RT BBCBusiness Osborne announces Help to Buy, new programme to create more home ownership

@bbcnickrobinson: "Help to Buy" is a deliberate echo of Thatcher's "Right to Buy" = biggest effort so far to help for those buying new houses.

@richardJmurphy: Right to buy to be extended - that means even fewer social housing homes available in future - a disaster


@JohnRentoul: Osborne's delivery dreadful. Galloped straight from childcare to pensions. Voice going. Head down.

@RHannaNI: Osborne choking as he delivers the budget...results of which will choke the rest of us

Employee insurance

@janemerrick23: Another huge boost to small businesses, charities, community sports clubs with first £2k off employee nics

Personal tax allowance

@Helen_Barnard: Personal tax allowance: resolution foundation showed most benefit goes to higher income


@flashboy: INFOGRAPHIC - How Osborne's budget will affect you: pic.twitter.com/ovq3oGltnk