David Blaine's new electricity stunt


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Blaine's back with a new stunt: he will risk being zapped with 1m volts for three days.

It will require wearing a 20kg (44lb) chainmail suit and wire helmet to protect himself as he stands during the 72-hour challenge.

He said the new ‘Electrified’ challenge will be like "getting hit by seven Taser guns over and over and over and over until the power shuts off".

The illusionist also said he's wary of scratching any itches:

"If I’m hallucinating and I touch my skin obviously that’s a problem – or if the suit rips because I’m stretching and trying to stop my feet from pooling with blood, which happens when you’re standing."

The stunt will take place in New York and streamed live on the web. His most famous challenge was when Blaine spent 44 days suspended in a glass box without food next to Tower Bridge. Pranksters used a toy helicopter to dangle a cheeseburger in front of him, but he managed to resist.

Let's hope nobody brings out any tickly feathers...