Feminists hate Chris Brown because he's black, says Brendan O'Neill


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Blogger and controversialist Brendan O'Neill has stoked the fires again, writing in The Huffington Post that the main reason "feminists" hate Chris Brown so much is because "he's big, bad and black" - not the singer's horrendous assault on Rihanna.

The editor of Spiked Online argues in distinctly trollish fashion that white men who have also faced accusations of domestic abuse, like Sean Penn (who hit Madonna with a baseball bat in 1987) or Charlie Sheen, are let off the hook by feminists simply because - unlike Brown - they're not black.

"Even worse",  says O'Neill, Brown's "a tattooed, swaggering, foul lyric-singing black, all blinged-up and possessed of bad attitude. Which, in some people's eyes, is the worst kind of black there is. It is fundamentally this - the cultural constituency that Brown hails from and represents - which explains why his act of domestic violence is treated so much more seriously than anyone else's."

You could spend part of your Friday picking out the holes here, or follow the zen mantra of our columnist Owen Jones: "Will not get trolled by Brendan O'Neill Will not get trolled by Brendan O'Neill Will not get trolled by Brendan O'Neill"