Hamza appears in court and demands his hooks back


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Radical preacher Abu Hamza and four other terrorism suspects arrived in the United States on Saturday.

Hamza is appearing in a New York court today as he is wanted in the US on charges that include conspiring with Seattle men to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon and helping abduct 16 hostages, two of them American tourists, in Yemen in 1998.

The Islamist fanatic rose to fame in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks as a preacher of violent Islamism and used to hold impromptu sermons outside Finsbury mosque.

Hamza finally lost his extradition appeal last week, as it was reported that even the Queen was disappointed at the UK's inability to deport the hook-handed hate preacher.

As he appeared in court today, Hamza demanded the return of his notorious hooks, which were removed for 'security reasons'.