Happy 4th July Independence Day...wherever you are


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Today the United States of America is celebrating its Independence Day. But at 237 years old, Uncle Sam is actually relatively elderly. Here are the four young whippersnappers of international relations:

South Sudan, 9th July 2011

South Sudan became the youngest country in the world after gaining independence from Sudan in 2011.

Kosovo, 17th February 2008

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, but although Kosovo’s legitimacy is recognised by the USA, Germany, France and others, it is not recognised by Russia or Serbia. In February, Kosovans celebrated by painting all the flags of the countries that had recognised their independence onto the giant Newborn sculpture.

Serbia, 5th June 2006 / February 15th 1804

Serbia was a part of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, but in 2006 Montenegro voted for independence. Although the Republic of Serbia was officially created in 2006, Serbia National Day is held on February 15th to commemorate the occasion in 1804 when it was the beginning of the Serbian uprising against the Ottoman Empire.

East Timor, 20th May 2002

East Timor was a colony of both Portugal and Holland before declaring independence in 1975. However, East Timor’s independence was short-lived; it was invaded by Indonesia later that year. In 1999 East Timorese were able to vote for their independence and 78 per cent did, with full independence following in 2002.