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IV Drip

If Gary Barlow leaves, who would you like to replace him on The X Factor?


As ever with the ever-grinding X Factor rumour mill, talk is rife that lead judge Gary Barlow is quitting the line up.

So, as it's been three years since he appeared as a judge - could it be time for Simon Cowell make his comeback on the show?

Or would Noel Gallagher perhaps make a worthy opponent to Louis Walsh?

The odds are in, with Cowell at 5/4 and Gallagher at 8/1.

George Michael's not looking likely at 33/1, Rihanna closer but no cigar at 25/1, and Barlow's former bandmate Robbie looking more promising at 8/1.

But who would you like to see take Gary Barlow's place if he leaves? Vote in our poll below.

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