Neanderthals vs. Humans: Who would win in a fight?


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We've had Alien vs. Predator, Monsters vs. Aliens and Dracula vs. Frankenstein, but what would happen if modern man and his prehistoric ancestor were to square off?

Thankfully, you won't have to sit through the movie version to find out, because a crack team of archaeologists, paleoanthropologists and paleoartists have got together to find out (No, apparently they don't have anything better to do).

A short, stocky Neanderthal would have a clear strength advantage, says Brian Palmer in Slate, "Neanderthals also developed strong trapezius, deltoid, and tricep muscles by dragging 50 pounds of meat 30 miles home to their families." But us Homo sapiens have other advantages, including a longer reach and more stamina. "Most importantly, we could deploy these advantages to maximum effect using our superior wits."