Original hoverboard from ‘Back to the Future II’ listed on eBay


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It featured in Back to the Future II and a thousand teenage daydreams, and now fanboys (or fan-men?) have the chance to buy the hoverboard piloted by bullies to chase down Marty McFly in 1989's cult hit.

Hollywood P.A.R.T.S have listed the prototype of the 'Pit Bull' - once manned by villainous Griff Tannen - on eBay with a 'Buy it Now' price of $13,000.

The three foot long board, complete with a slavering pit bull decal, serrated edges and rocket boosters has yet to be snapped up.

Buyers be warned: no amount of nostalgia will make this lump of painted wood actually fly.

Those interested in personal aviation devices would do better to check out the jet pack devices on sale from a number of legitimate suppliers.

Up, up and away!