Osborne's Budget Bingo: Like Mecca Bingo, only less fun for pensioners


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There's the Budget speech the Chancellor should make (as seen by Matthew Norman on Voices today) and then there's the one he's almost certainly going to make. Once you've resigned yourself to that grim reality, Budget Bingo seems the sensible way forward

We would have made it a drinking game, but a) be civilised, it's only 12.30 in the afternoon! And b) the Chancellor hasn't scrapped the beer tax (yet). 

Infrastructure (yuk!) - 2 points

Difficult (decisions on spending cuts) - 1 point

Course (as in sticking to the course) - 4 points

Longer (taking longer than expected to clear the deficit) - 2 points

Eurozone (blame someone else) - 1 point

Healing (economy is, honestly) -  3 points

Miracle (no miracle cure) - 3 points

Housing - 5 points

Childcare - 2 points

Employment (record high) - 2 points

Cyprus (example of what can go wrong) - 5 points

Restraint (more needed on public spending) - 1 point