Poll: Bored at work? Don't worry, so is half of America


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Back in 2000, on Blink 182's smash hit, 'All the Small Things', Travis Barker sang the immortal words "Work sucks, I know" . Now a study has backed him up: more than half of American employees are unhappy at work, says consultancy Gallup.

The poll revealed that 52 per cent of US employees were "not engaged" by their work and spent time listlessly going through the motions.

A further 18 per cent were "actively disengaged", meaning that they were so miserable as to actively "undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplished".

At least the study offered some solidarity in workplace boredom; only 30 per cent of employees said they were regularly engaged or inspired by their jobs.

So where do you sit on the scale? Take our poll. (And note to Travis Barker - unemployment sucks too).