Poll: Cricket, Morality and Stuart Broad


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The actions of England cricketer Stuart Broad this week have started a conversation transcends mere matters of sportsmanship to touch on wider questions of morality.

As James Lawton explains it in his piece for The Independent:

"He was out, completely and demonstrably, and he knew it as well as any of his outraged opponents. He also knew that the Australians had frittered away their DRS chances with some half-baked challenges and he could stand there, defiant and unbowed and unashamed, just as long as he liked."

He may have helped speed along England's victory, but has he irretrievably killed "the spirit of cricket". Former British Ambassador, Charles Crawford, writing for The Commentator thinks so:

"Stuart Broad yesterday joined that swinish charge. It’s not about what is right or decent or fair or reasonable. It’s what you can get away with."

What do you think?