Poll: Is this Yeah Yeah Yeahs album cover crazy good, or just crazy?


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Album art has a mixed history. You've got "so iconic I'm not even going to hyperlink" on the one hand (Abbey Road, Thriller, Aladdin Sane), nightmare-fodder on the other (Jesus Use Me, anything collected by this guy). Now fans are fighting over which category the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' sleeve, for their forthcoming album Mosquito, falls in to. What do you think?

Our deputy Arts Editor Alice Jones tweeted: "Looks like someone nuked the Nirvana Nevermind baby (and a mosquito). Michael Moran added: "I'm classifying the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album sleeve as a Global Extinction Level Event".

Others took a more positive view, with Christoph Kudsen calling it "awesome" and prophesying a good year for music off its back.

We would tell you what we think, but that might affect the scientific neutrality of the poll. (Can't resist: Eww, eww, 90s, eww).