Poll: The Mrs Carter Tour shows Beyonce uses her married name professionally, would you?


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Beyonce has wisely chosen the day following her Super Bowl triumph to announce world tour dates for 2013, with UK dates in April and May. So far, so expected, but there is one surprise. She's called the tour "The Mrs. Carter Show", a reference to her 2008 marriage to Jay Z (aka Shawn Knowles-Carter; Jay Z is rumoured to have taken on Beyonce's surname 'Knowles' in 2009).

Is this an incongruously retrogressive choice for a woman who recently reaffirmed her feminist credentials? A sweetly romantic gesture? Or simply nobody's business but Beyonce's?

And what do you think more generally about married names in the modern age? Vote in our poll (there are two separate polls, one for each gender) and leave any more nuanced comments you might have on the thread below.

First off, all the single ladies (and married ones too)...


And now for the men...