Prescott's comments on the Queen retiring: ‘Pig-ignorant’ or justified?


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John Prescott has suggested that the Queen should call it a day and retire.

He's faced a bit of a backlash for his comments in his column for The Mirror, which relayed a friend's concerns that the Queen, who is 87 next month, could be overburdening herself.

Mark Field MP said "I think it is inappropriate for anyone in politics to speculate on the Monarch’s health" and George Freeman MP tweeted "Prezza tells Queen to retire? God help us. Never has this poor nation needed her wisdom + exmplry public service more". Conor Burns MP also said the comments were 'pig-ignorant'.

Others commented on Twitter:

@‏lewis4glos3h Lord Prescott, a Privy Councillor, has suggested HM The Queen should 'retire'. I suggest that he should go into immediate retirement #shame

@vickywong710 Surely that Prescott column would have been more timely had it been released when the Dutch Queen stepped down? #marrshow

@archiemohan3h derekbmcneil MetroUK The Queen will NOT step down. I already have arrangements for her Platinum Jubilee. #onglivethequeen :P

@ChrisAllmey3h Tories line up to say Queen should be worked to death. #prescott #MailOnline

After 60 years on the throne, last month the Queen said to a gathering of both houses of parliament that she would re-dedicate herself "to the service of our great country and its people now and in the years to come."

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