The NME Awards Now and Then: As the Rolling Stones repeat their 1964 win, what's changed?


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At last night's NME Awards the Rolling Stones (combined age: 274) picked up the award for Best Live Band for their 50th anniversary show. Needless to say, this is not the band's first time on the podium. At the 1964 NME Poll-Winners All-Star concert, they performed and won the award for British Rhythm and Blues. Not much has changed in nearly half a century, or has it?

Then: The awards took place at the Empire Pool in Wembley (now the Wembley Arena).

Now: Last night's awards took place at the Troxy in Limehouse, East London. In 1964 the Troxy, which originally opened as a cinema in 1933 had recently been refurbished by the Royal Opera House, after a three-year period of disuse. It was re-named the London Opera Centre and used as a rehearsal space.


Then: In a recorded message of thanks for his Outstanding Male Singer award, Elvis Presley includes the following shout out "It was very nice seeing Jimmy Savile while he was over here." Savile also receives an award for Best British Disc Jockey.

Now: The late Jimmy Savile is now known as a reviled child molester and the subject of a wide-ranging police investigation.


Then: Awards include Best British Instrumental Unit (winner: Shadows)

Now: Awards included Best Twitter (winner: Alana Haim (@babyhaim)


Then: The teenage fans of top pop group of the era, The Beatles, express their admiration with deafening screams. The NME wrote at the time: Paul tried in vain to announce 'Twist And Shout' and the number through an even greater hurricane of stamping, cheering, crying, screaming response."

Now: The teenage fans of top pop group of the era, One Direction, express their admiration by throwing their trainers at the crotch of their favoured member.