Twitter reacts: Margaret Thatcher's funeral


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@camillalong: I think we may have just paid 10m quid to watch George Osborne cry. Correct me if I'm wrong

@fleetstreetfox: Anyway, while everyone was looking at #thatcherfuneral no-one was looking at new unemployment figures: …

@DMReporter: FUNERAL FACT: Baroness Thatcher's coffin is decorated with tiny angels, made from £10m worth of ground down arts funding application forms.

@sarahlyall: Interesting photo showing contrasting reactions from Prime Minister and Chancellor, and wives, at Thatcher funeral

@davidschneider: Just to remind you if you're offended by the Twitter response to #ThatcherFuneral you can also follow it here

@OwenJones84: Clement Attlee's government rebuilt war-ravaged Britain, founded the NHS and the welfare state. He had a modest funeral with 140 guests.

@Gabyhinsliff: Weepy osborne now taking over from foxy granddaughter as the Pippa Factor of this funeral

@janemerrick23: Amazing poise by granddaughter Amanda Thatcher, for such a young person (19) to read to such a huge audience

@timothy_stanley: "We are all Thatcherites now" demands a Life of Brian response: "I'm not"