Twitter reacts to the sacking of Roberto Mancini


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Roberto Mancini was sacked by Manchester City last night, exactly one year to the day after he delivered the club's first Premier League title. Simon Kelner - a City fan - has written for us today on the painful goodbye, and here's a round-up of the verdict on Twitter:

@Owen_g: Whatever rights and wrongs of Mancini sacking, the way it's been handled undermines so much of the Abu Dhabi rhetoric...

@Sportingintel: So suave, lovable, scarf-wearing "Robbie" was actually an aloof bully with no man-management skills? Narrative twist ahoy. Holistic

@philmcnulty: CL failure. Poor title defence. Dressing room discontent. Public complaints about transfer policy. Fatal combination for Mancini.

@ianherbs: So long Mancini; a privilege to know you. But often a nightmare for those who had to work with you. Tues column 

@UK4me2: Mancini Sacked: Not my favourite but another competent manager not given time. Second in league and gets fired?

@JackPittBrooke: Mancini falls victim to same thinking as so many of the players - if you're not moving in the right direction then you're holding City back.

@City_Watch: Same journos who savaged Mancini for 3 1/2 years now turning him into a martyr and sharpening their knives for our next coach. Predictable.

@OllieHolt22: Despite v strong group, it was Mancini's failure to progress again in CL that damned him. City confident Pellegrini will be able to fix that

@LFCFansCorner: Mancini gets £28m for being sacked. The average UK salary is £30 grand. It would take 933 years to get to £28m.

@Simon_Kelner: Heartbreaking reading full transcript of Mancini interview. How could club have got the PR so terribly wrong?