Twitter Round-Up: Last Night's BBC Question Time


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Last nights BBC Question Time took place in Ipswich and panellists included defence secretary, Philip Hammond MP; shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant MP, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy MP; Financial Times journalist Gillian Tett and chair of the Arts Council England, Peter Bazalgette. Topics under discussion included gay marriage, older women in the media and Google's tax affairs. Here's the feedback from Twitter:

@johnprescott: Ipswich. I love you! bbcqt

@ajhmurray: Just caught up with it: Phillip Hammond's grim manoeuvring on bbcqt is completely and utterly odious.

@chrisjlovell: Catching up on bbcqt tweets from last night. Did Hammond actually say 'I've got gay friends but...'?! Oh dear...

@glasterlaw1: Bryant rude interrupting and too keen on the sound of his own voice I find him a very odious man

@ChristBryantMP: Thanks everyone for kind comments re bbcqt and I confess the spinster comment was all wrong. I got carried away.

@TheRachelPaper:  Most businesses seek to minimise their tax bill, so not sure if google are any more evil than the rest - that's capitalism for you.

@bbcquestiontime: Q: As a woman over 50, is my best way of getting onto television to be in the bbcqt audience?

@PatrickStrud: Notice how a question about the representation of women on TV was shoe-horned in for two minutes at the end of the show? bbcqt

@andrewadams99: Best bit on bbcqt last night - Chris Bryant pointing out Philip Hammond’s voting record on equality for homosexuals (consistently against).