VIDEO: Gwen Stefani goes Native (American) in controversial video


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Gwen Stefani has taken down her latest music video after complaints that it inappropriately ripped-off Native American culture.

In the video the No Doubt lead vocalist, born in California, wears Native American garb and sings while bound to a wall at gunpoint.

"Looking Hot" was pulled after just one day live on No Doubt's video feeds after the Native American community and other fans complained.

The band released a statement to apologise: "Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people".

Stefani previously caused a stir in the Asian community by travelling around with an entourage of Harajuku girls, backing dancers to support her live act.

What do you think: was this "Cowboys and Indians" video harmless dress-up or a crude mistake?