WATCH: Aha! It's the trailer for The Alan Partridge Movie


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The Alan Partridge Movie has been seven years in the making, but we didn't dare believe it would ever become a reality until today - the films first trailer has just been released. The movie itself will be out August 7th this year.

The Partridge cast and crew include some of the most talented names in British comedy: Armando Iannucci co-writes, Father Ted's Declan Lowney will direct and of course Steve Coogan will return as the nation's favourite socially awkward radio DJ.

The translation of brilliant British sit coms to the big screen is notoriously precarious. Judging by the trailer, will The Alan Partridge Movie will be a Borat-style hit? Or an Are You Being Served-style disaster? (Personal favourite mooted title: 'Chap of Iron')