What does your choice of classic Monopoly token say about you?


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The makers of family-favourite board game Monopoly have announced their intention to retire one of the eight classic monopoly tokens and replace it with either a ring, guitar, robot, helicoptor or cat.

Which one would you be most sorry to see go? And - more importantly - what does your choice of classic Monopoly token reveal about your true personality?

Racing car - Your flashy ways conceal deeply ingrained sexual insecurities, but at least you are always nice to your mother.

Top Hat - You are a power-crazed egomaniac who wouldn't think twice about screwing over your best-friend for a promotion or parking space. You compensate for these personality flaws with snappy dressing.

Scottie dog - You are a fully-grown woman who habitually speaks in a baby voice, or the downtrodden, long-suffering husband of such a woman.

Iron - You are a hip, young urbanite whose ironic selection of the iron conveys your contempt for bourgeoisie values such as tidiness.

Battleship - You are overweight.

Old boot - You are a working class hero possessed of unusual good looks and great integrity.

Wheelbarrow - You are cheery and good at gardening, but a bit thick.

Thimble - You are always offering unsolicited, yet insightful advice to friends. Unfortunately, your irritating manner and poor personal hygiene means they are unlikely to accept it.