What should I call my pet? Top Ten Most Popular Dog Names of 2012


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Fido will no longer cut it. If you hope to ascend to the upper echelons of glamour, it's not enough to name your children Tabitha and Casper, your pets must also have unique monikers. At least that's on the evidence provided by the top ten most popular dog names of 2012.

Where once dogs were typically given dog-specific names such as Fido and Bandit, increasingly people are giving their pets the kinds of names they might give their children. According to vetstreet.com, this "matches up well with the trend of pets becoming more and more a part of the family. As people develop deeper bonds with their dogs, it makes perfect sense that they’d name them in a way that humanizes them."

Top 10 Most Popular Names for Male Puppys

1. Max

2. Buddy

3. Charlie

4. Rocky

5. Cooper

6. Bear

7. Bentley

8. Duke

9. Jack

10. Toby

Top 10 Most Popular Names for Female Puppys

1. Bella

2. Daisy

3. Lucy

4. Molly

5. Lola

6. Sophie

7. Sadie

8. Chloe

9. Coco

10. Maggie

And if you hope to stand out from the doggie park crowd?...

1. Chewy & Stinky - Christina Aguilera's Papillons

2. Harajubu Bitch  - What else would you expect of Paris Hilton's Chihuahua?

3. Rihanna has a Maltese-Poodle crossbreed ('Maltipoo') named DJ Oliver. Wonder if he had a hand in her latest hit?

4. Publicity-shy movie star Audrey Hepburn sent a message to the world by naming her Yorkshire Terrier Mr. Famous

Plus the weirdest pet name of them all....

"Daddie". Now why would you want a Pomernain called that, Geri Haliwell?