Election latest: Theresa May cannot win majority as hung parliament confirmed in final results

The Conservatives are likely to try and form a government with the DUP

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Britain's next parliament will definitely be hung.

The Tories would need 20 seats to win a majority and there are only 19 left – meaning that it will not be possible for it or any other party to win a majority.

The Conservatives are now expected to try and form a government with the help of the DUP.

But Theresa May – who called the snap election early, apparently on the basis of strong polls – has faced repeated calls to quit from her own party.

A hung parliament had been predicted by the exit poll after votes closed. But throughout the night it appeared that data might not be correct – but it then proved to have predicted the vote nearly completely correctly.

With only a few seats left to call, the Conservatives were expected to get 318 votes – six votes short of the number they need for a working majority. Labour is expected to get 262 seats, the SNP area is projected to get 34, with other parties taking the rest.

The deciding seat was Labour's win in Southampton Test, which made it impossible for the Tories to win enough seats and came just before 6am.

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