Bernie Sanders responds to Comey testimony: 'Donald Trump is a blatant liar'

'What we learned today was deeply troubling'

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says that details surrounding Donald Trump’s alleged attempts to derail an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign are deeply concerning, and that most people are likely to agree with former FBI Director James Comey that the President is a liar.

“What we learned today was deeply troubling and makes me more concerned than ever about President Trump’s attempts to derail an investigation of Russian meddling in our democracy,” Mr Sanders said a statement after Mr Comey’s congressional testimony.

Mr Comey’s testimony provided red meat for people on both sides of the political divide.

For the left, the former FBI chief said that the White House had lied about the reasoning behind his firing, saying that he and the FBI he once ran were defamed in the process. He said that the President had made the unusual demand that he be loyal to him.

As for the right: He also said that a February New York Times report detailing Russian ties to the Trump campaign was almost entirely wrong, eliciting cheers on Twitter from conservative sources.

But Mr Sanders was unswayed by elements that heartened Republicans.

“Remarkably, Mr Comey said President Trump is a liar. He said his concern that Trump would lie about their meetings was why he detailed their encounters in writing”, Sanders said. “He also accused the president of spreading ‘lies, plain and simple’ about the FBI that ‘defamed’ Comey and the agency.”

Following Mr Comey’s remarks on Capitol Hill questioning the President’s honesty, the White House denied he was a liar. Mr Sanders didn't agree.

“Unfortunately, most people would agree with Mr Comey”, he said. “On issue after issue after issue, Trump has blatantly lied. Dangerously, this diminishes the office of the president and our standing in the world.”