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Chris P Bakun was having a hectic morning in his greasy spoon. Five regular customers all came and asked for different cooked breakfasts at the same time. Each order cost a different amount, divisible by 50p, and took a whole number of minutes to cook (from three to seven).

The eggs and bacon was prepared two minutes sooner than the kippers. Vee Landham's order took longer than the pounds 2 meal, but less time than Al Falfer's, which was pounds 1 cheaper than Pete Serr's breakfast and wasn't the slowest cooker. Cilla Ree was allowed to bring her own flask of coffee in to accompany her meal. Sam Widge's delectation came quicker than the pounds 3 eggs and bacon and cost more than the scrambled eggs. The sausage and beans cost 50p more than the bacon sarnie. The cheapest meal, at pounds 1.50, was also the fastest to make.

From the information given, can you discover who ordered what, how long Chris took to cook it and how much it cost?

An Oris watch worth pounds 200 will go to the sender of the first correct answer opened. All entrants will receive a copy of the magazine Tough Puzzles.

Answers on a postcard, marked A Question of Time 3, should reach us by Thursday 9 November. Send to The Independent Magazine, PO Box 7294, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DG (fax 0171-293 2068). The solution will be published in two weeks' time.

Solution to A Question of Time 1

Professor O'Diermi talked on temporal warping, for 2 hours on Thursday; Professor Tolstorri on linear distortion, for 3 hours on Wednesday; Professor Kokkenbul on particle collapsing for 4 hours on Monday; Professor Jibrisch on spatial transmogrification for 5 hours on Friday and Professor Novay on neutron acceleration for 6 hours on Tuesday.

A watch goes to S Taylor of Lancaster