After Hours

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'After living in Manchester for three months doing Juice for Granada TV I would move back there if I could, but I have too much going on in London. In Manchester I go to Home, the club in the Ducie Street Bar, Ducie St, M1 (061-237 3495). There are two rooms, one decorated with cupids, and a quiet area upstairs. The main room is more spread-your-legs music, but I go in the small dark room because I follow DJ Paulette around. She plays friendly house and soul and really whips the crowd up. In Manchester I've met the most wonderful people, and we often go to Flesh, a wild gay night held once a month at Hacienda, 11-13 Whitworth St (061-236 5051). Gay clubs tend to be more fun like Heaven, Villiers St, London (071-839 3852). Their stage shows are always crazy, with naked dancers on plinths and things.

I can't afford to eat out much but as I live in Notting Hill I like All Saints Cafe, 11 All Saints Rd, W11 (071-243 2808). It has brown walls and is quite modern. You'd spend about pounds 40 on dinner for two there. They do a mind-blowing veggie breakfast - I don't go near red meat except for the odd bacon sarnie. I'm also a big cappuccino fan, and the best places for it are Bar Italia, 22 Frith St, W1 (071-437 4520) in Soho, any time of the night or day, and Cafe Brasilia, Camden Lock Place, NW1 (071-267 3167).

I'm not a big pub fan. I prefer to get a bottle and go round to friends' houses and take naughty substances before I go out, rather than sit in a pub drinking all that liquid. But I do like the Yate's Wine Lodge in Oldham St, Manchester (061-236 0029). That's always full of real people - drunken Irishmen who talk to you. My boyfriend Johnny Dangerously introduced me to it.'

Tara Newley's single 'Save Me From Myself' is out on ZTT Records on 17 Jan

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