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There's a really nice cafe in Covent Carden called Cafe Sante, Garrick St, London WC2 (071-240 7811). It doesn't sell alcohol but does herbal teas, healthy food and beautiful cakes. Downstairs there's this little room at the back, with a low table and cushions on the floor. You can lie down and chill out as you eat. I use it for all my girlie chats. It's really friendly and they play wicked music, like the theme tune from Betty Blue.

My south London haunts are Fungus Mungus, Battersea Park Rd, SW11 (071-924 5578), which is just wild. Brilliant atmosphere, great characters and you always get chatting to someone. The Tearooms des Artistes, Clapham Rd, SW4 (071-652 6526) has much better food. They have big wooden tables so if there's a big group of you, it's the perfect meeting place. Going north of the river you've got Banners, 21 Park Rd, N8 (081-348 2930). They do the best potatoes in the world. They come with two fried eggs and a huge mug of tea. It's just brilliant. World Cafe, 130 Crouch Hill, N8 (081-340 5635) is also in Crouch End, but it's slicker than Banners. You get your media types but nice people too and the food is good.

I go to the Jazz Cafe, Parkway, Camden, NW1 (071-916 6000) a lot. It's my favourite venue for concerts because being a short person, there's little steps that you can stand on and you have a great view of the stage. If I feel like going somewhere late I go to Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftesbury Ave, W1 (071-287 2715) on a Monday night. The world and his friend are there - it's very trendy.

Rachel Bee runs Flipside, 10pm-3.30am every Sat at Club Iceni, 11 Whitehorse St, London W1 (071-495 5333)

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