After Hours

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I've loved London's Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, London NW1 (071-916 6060) ever since I used to book the bands, and I still DJ there on Fridays, when it's called the Camden Soul Stew. After the live music, a new crowd arrives: people who want to dance. Down the road is a great bar-restaurant called Fluke's Cradle, 275 Camden High St, NW1 (071-284 4499). It has vibrant red walls, bottles hanging in the windows, and wild paintings for sale. Downstairs they do a wicked fruit curry, and Nigerian bean stew. You'd only spend about pounds 15 with drink, and it's a really friendly, packed, Camden sort of place.

I've been to the Atlantic Bar & Grill a few times since it opened - it's in the basement of the Regent Palace Hotel, 20 Glasshouse St, W1 (071-734 4888) and it's massive. It's got a continental brasserie feel - terrifyingly huge ceilings, an enormous bar, no windows, elegant furniture, and it's licensed 'til 3am, but still free. You have to get past the bouncers though.

Jasper the Vinyl Junkie is still doing a fantastic club called Funkin' Pussy which has just moved to the Africa Centre on Saturdays at 38 King St, WC2 (071-836 1973). He's kept that old wareheouse vibe, so you get a dancing crowd not a posing crowd. It's very funky - lots of P-Funk and hip hop.

Sunday lunchtime I go to a great pub, the New Market Inn, 17 York Way, NW1 (071-485 4738). It's not particularly smart, but the people who run it are fun, they're always writing in-jokes on the walls. I go there when I'm missing home: it's one of the few places where I can get a pint of Yorkshire Bitter.

Geoff Wilkinson's band Us3 has a single out called 'I Got it Goin' On'

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