After Hours: Zoe Heyes

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My early evening place is Angelo's, 78 Westbourne Grove, London W2 (071-221 8843). You go there to eat: really cheaply, about pounds 7 a head, then you go off somewhere else and come back late to drink and dance until 2 or 3 am. Angelo is always on the door, so the right people get in. It's Greek food done well, so you can have snacks or a proper meal, and they get in a mixed crowd - people from the East End, but also trendy people who come to 'get discovered'.

I like The Old Crown, 33 New Oxford St, London WC1 (071-836 9121) a bar with fabulous decor - big metal crowns suspended from the ceiling with little lights on them. On Saturdays they have a DJ, push the tables aside and have dancing, and the staff are brilliant. They make B52s, cocktails which they draw off in a syringe then squirt in the customers' mouths. Then with their heads tipped back they light the mixture, producing a big blue flame, and throw cinnamon in it that sparkles as it burns. It's a smart trendy place, quiet in the day but very different at night, especially weekends.

The best restaurant is Diwana Bhelpoori House, 50 Westbourne Grove, W2 (071-221 0721) a vegetarian Indian. The staff are great, it's cheap, you can take your own beer, and get two courses for about pounds 6. You could walk straight past it, it's just an inconspicuous doorway. We went there and had a singalong and got the whole place joining in.

Round where I live is Portobello Gold, 95 Portobello Rd, W11 (071-727 7898) a tapas bar with a young and trendy crowd. It has a look, but it's not pretentious, it's more like a pub. It's friendly, it has a jukebox, and people come from all over. You can also get the odd after-hours drink there.'

Zoe Heyes, actress, appears in Vadim Jean's new film, 'Beyond Bedlam', which opens 21 Apr