Andrew Grassie: Paint with Winston Jason & Rhodes, London W1

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Grassie paints pictures in series, each distinct from the last and entire in itself. His last exhibition, "Why Paint Spacemen?", comprised portraits of cosmonauts wearing the fixed smiles of magazine photographs - a funny idea that didn't quite respond to the title. The current series, "Paint with Winston", is more resolved.

These five pictures are based on a painting by Winston Churchill, or rather on a black-and-white photograph of one of his paintings. Churchill often painted with the help of a photograph, and here we have paintings of photographs of paintings of photographs. Depicted on a grid, there's nothing to see close up but a series of black and white squares; the image comes into focus as you move further away. It's a witty, inventive idea reminiscent of Gerhard Richter's work.

Jason & Rhodes, 4 New Burlington Place, London W1 (0171-434 1768) to 26 Sept

Richard Ingleby