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SOME OF THE first 'naughty' photographs evertaken are coming up for sale at Christie's on 20 October. Louis Daguerre momentously announced his invention of photography in France in 1839 - the same year that a similar process was announced by W H Fox Talbot in England. Christie's has a group of stereoscopic daguerrotypes for sale, each of them depicting a naked or partly clothed French belle of the 1850s - only 10 years or so later. Their price estimates range

from pounds 2,500 to pounds 5,000. The two illustrated here are estimated at pounds 4,000- pounds 5,000.

Daguerrotypes are unique images printed without the use of a negative on to silvered copper plates. These 'stereoscopic' daguerrotypes come with dual images since they were intended to be viewed through a special stereoscopic viewer which made the image appear three-dimensional. They have also been carefully tinted by hand to make the girls look more alluring.

The daguerrotypes come from a famous collection of nude photographs built up by Uwe Scheid, a German industrialist. He has published several books on his collection and contributed to many exhibitions. Christie's has 120 photographs from the Scheid collection for sale, ranging from a daguerrotype of a Female nude reclining on a chaise longue, which is dated June 1845, to arty prints of the 1930s. Though girls predominate, there are also some boys revealing their private parts, notably two 19th-century Italians cavorting in front of a marble frieze of Roman worthies (estimate pounds 350- pounds 450).

Scheid is best known for his collection of nude photographs, of which these are only a small part, but he also formed a collection of photographs of dogs; Christie's sold a selection of these images under the title 'Dogs in Focus' in May 1992, with predictable success. Christie's tell me that Uwe Scheid is now getting interested in cars.

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