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The latest obsession of the London art world seems to be to de- glamorise the female nude. Jenny Saville's paintings of grossly overweight nude women (above) currently fill the Saatchi Gallery, while at his White Cube gallery, canny entrepreneur Jay Jopling is showing Jeff Wall's photograph of a giant, flabby, naked, middle-aged woman. The gallery at John Jones offers uncompromising nudes by 50 photographers, and from 11 March, Southend Central Library plays host to Katrina Lithgow's photographs of female nudes which aim to 'undermine the glamour and artifice . . . by focusing our attention on the beauty that emerges through trust and confidence'. Anyone here heard of Rembrandt?

As Anthony d'Offay unveils plans to extend his gallery space in Dering Street, a new artist-initiated project has declared its aim of doing away with the need for the services of his profession. According to its founder, Tony Raddon, Artists on Show intends 'to help artists find markets for their work by establishing and maintaining direct contact between artist and buyer. Galleries don't encourage direct contact. The internal bickering of the London art world does little but harm through its excesses.' Interested artists should call 0392 875731.

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