Apocalypse wow! JJ's show Revolution is far from doomed


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When J J Abrams' newest drama, Revolution (picured), started last week, the biggest surprise was that it made the end of the world look almost fun.

Last year, Steve Carrell's bittersweet Seeking a Friend for the End of the World saw our hero spend his last day on earth trying to woo Keira Knightley. This summer, raucous comedy This Is the End stars Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill as a bunch of celebrities dealing with the end of the world with a party. Andrew Zuchero's humour-fuelled Sundance comedy short The Apocalypse sees a group of friends inadvertently cause Armageddon.

It's all a world away from grim end-of-days stories such as The Road and Melancholia. “I wasn't interested in making Revolution unremittingly grim,” admits its co-creator Eric Kripke.

'Revolution' is on Sky 1, Fridays at 9pm